Orchid Grandeur

To complete the Orchid Grandeur you will need:

  1. Orchid Grandeur Kit

  2. Gloves (if desired)

    Step One:

  • Fill Container with soil

  • Do not pack soil down

  • Fill with loose soil to the top of container

   Step Two:   

  • Leave the orchid in the pot

  • Plant the orchid in the container with pot still around it

  • Plant just left of center

   Step Three:   

  • Arrange succulents around orchid

    • use creativity to place them​

  • Remove plastic pot from succulent and plant in container

    • do not pack soil, succulent roots​ enjoy air movement

   Step Four:   

  • Break up moss pieces and place in container to cover soil

  • Use creativity to place moss

   Step Five:   

  • Finish with grape vines

  • Loop gracefully and push ends into soil

   Step Six:   

  • Place hard good decorations as desired

Complete! Place into your home!

Moss products are real natural mosses that have been dyed and preserved. Please remember to water your piece placing extra care that your orchid does not sit in water!