Spring Greetings Wreath

To complete the Spring Greetings Wreath you will need:

  1. Spring Greetings Wreath Kit

  2. Hot glue gun / glue sticks

    Step One:

  • Disassemble your kit and preheat glue gun

  • Select the top of your wreath

    • You will need to know where this is when designing your wreath

  • Protect your hands and work area, as dye from the moss may bleed

    • caution, glue gun is hot!​

   Step Two:   

  • Start with the curly vine

  • Tuck ends into the wreath

  • Use glue gun to secure in place

   Step Three:   

  • Plan which parts of the wreath will be exposed

    • can be half the wreath or different sections​

  • Separate the bark with a butter knife in order to create more pieces

  • Secure the bark with the glue gun

    • use brown side up for best colour contrast​

   Step Four:   

  • Remove the stems of the pine cone flower and whitewashed protea

  • Use the stems to place into wreath

  • Use the glue gun to secure into place

   Step Five:   

  • Separate small pieces of fern

  • Tuck around pine cone flower and protea

  • Secure with glue gun

   Step Six:   

  • Begin to affix the rest of the hard goods

  • Alternate between colours and products

  • May need to hold items as glue dries

   Step Seven:   

  • Use the reindeer moss to add pops of colour

  • Be careful as the hot glue can seep through the moss

   Step Eight:   

  • Pull apart the protea to use petals individually

  • Can use remaining pieces on their own

  • Attach to wreath

   Step Nine:   

  • Attach birds to curly vine

Complete! Hang on your wall and enjoy!

Moss products are real natural mosses that have been dyed and preserved. They require no care after your piece is completed. Do not hang in direct sunlight as this will cause colours to fade.